Saturday, August 20, 2005

Do you feel dumb when learning new things?

There are times when I feel should be learning something faster than I actually am, then when the lightbulb finally turns on, I feel dumb.

Case in point, I recently switched back to Blogger for the core of my blog. I like the blog anywhere options from Blogger (website, email, mobile, MS Word, various smartclients, etc.) but I don't like the Atom feed. I overcome this with Feedburner so I've gotten past it. Also, the Blog info gets replicated on the home page of my website, which is where most people read it anyway. But after a few posts, I wanted to try 8 posts on the main webpage instead of 5. And I couldn't get it to work!

I modified the rss20.xml file for DotNetNuke, something I've done before successfully but I coudn't get more than 5 feeds to showup. I checked feed burner and couldn't find any limitations. Finally, after poking at this on and off for several days, I looked at Blogger, duh!

Blogger has a setting for how many posts you want on the Blogger front page. I changed that and everything works. Now I don't even have to change the rss20.xml file! Doh!

So now I feel like I should have figured this out several days ago.

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