Saturday, September 24, 2005

Feed Trends

For those of you just tuning in, I've decided to limit my RSS feeds to about a 100 (90-110). That seems to be all that I can reasonably read on a regular basis. For the moment that includes the feeds I generate (to ensure that they work) and podcasts. I may separate those items out if I find enough interesting feeds.

This does mean that I'm ruthless with feeds I decide to keep. There is a lot of echo in the blogosphere and I've found that I don't miss much with just a few feeds. But I have noticed a trend, I'm unsubscribing from more technical stuff and subscribing to more business stuff. This is true for podcasts too.

I think it's a reflection of two things, I'm moving away from more technical stuff and into more managerial things on a regular basis and more good business stuff is moving into the blog/podcast space. Tech still has a slight lead because of DotNetNuke stuff but currently it's about 30 business to 35 tech and don't even mention politics!

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