Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Microsoft vs. Google - This one is personal.

Given all the MS vs. Google hype in so many arena's, I decided to look at my own PC, the apps I used on a regular basis with that criteria that when I go to do something, what app do I automatically gravitate to. Here's how it breaks down:

Operating System
Office Suite
Anti Spyware
Desktop Search
Web Server
Remote Control
Cell Phone

Web Search
Blogs (blogger)
Ads for the Website

So first pass, MS 11, Google 5

When I add in required apps like corporate finance (MS GP) it becomes 12-5. If I add in apps built on an MS framework, they I also have to include DotNetNuke (web portal) and WideOrbit (vertical app for the biz).

Now I'm up to 14-5. And it's growing. I'm testing Microsoft's OneCare Live for Firewall, Anti-Virus and Backup. I'm liking the Anti-Virus part. I may replace Norton AV over time.

So it looks like I'm headed more and more for an all MS stack. That's not a bad thing. I could easily move off Google for web search and maps if there was a better alternative. But gmail has great spam filters and incredible capacity, in spite of a somewhat goofy interface. Adsense had no current peer and blogger is just so darn easy to use.

MS Money hasn't dislodged me from Quicken yet (it's been close, Intuit regularly sucks). So it's going to be while before MS owns the whole stack, but at least on my machines, their not in any trouble.

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