Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ophelia - How did we get to "O" already!

We've been getting rain bands from Ophelia since last night and boy is this a wet storm. Rains last night were terrible. I expect to see some localized flooding in low lying areas. Nothing like New Orleans of course. Right now, Ophelia is headed toward JAX and is expected to hit as either a big tropical storm or a small hurricane.

Better us than the gulf coast. We're not recovered from last year but we're better able to take on a storm. One of the things people need to realize is that central Florida is STILL cleaning up from last year's hurricanes. I know several people who just got new roofs put on, a year later. There are still plenty of blue tarps up covering holes on roofs as well. Lots of missing signs, etc. New Orleans and Mississippi are going to be cleaning up for years and years and years.

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