Friday, September 16, 2005

Server Migration

The websites and have moved on to their new server and things seem much faster. I still need to do a few little tweaks t the server but it's most of the way there.

I did a dumb thing in the migration. I want to copy the existing site in case something went wrong so that I could leave the old site up in an emergency. I copied the DotNetNuke folders over and stupidly copied the database tables as well. Well, the site wouldn't run.

Stupid me, by copying the tables, I didn't copy over the stored procs! I didn't want to detach/reattach the database because I wanted the old site to stay up as long as possible. What should have done, and eventually did do, was backup and restore the db to the new server.

After that, it worked but wouldn't come up. I checked the DB and the portal was there. I logged in as host and the portal alias was correct. Finally, I changed and reset the portal alias from within the DotNetNuke interface and everything worked. Weird! But hey it's all up now.

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