Saturday, October 15, 2005

Right wing gun nut

Dad, Micah, me and our friend Lowrey went to an outdoor shooting range today and had a blast playing right wing gun nut. (What, you don't like puns? Our morning was shot? We blew it? Everything went to pieces? )

I got to fire a Russian SKS (precursor to the AK-47 and WITH the bayonet still attached!) and a Dragunov sniper rifle as well as a Mac-11 (all semi, nothing auto of course) and a mix of ther stuff, Winchester 30-30, some Marlin 22's, a couple of Browning handguns in mixed calibers, etc. It was fun.

The Dragunov was extremely sweet. Really accurate and not hard to shoot. The Winchester 30-30 I own sounds like a stinking cannon and bucks like one too. No wonder all those guys on horseback missed in the old westerns!

Micah got his first gun today as well, Lowrey gave him a lever action Marlin .22 that had belonged to Lowrey's uncle. It's now safely locked away until our next trip.

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