Monday, October 24, 2005

Wilma Update

Wilma is on shore now. We're getting heavy gusts and rain band but in between its still steadily raining. This is different from Charlie which had a lot of wind, but very little little rain. Jeanne and Francis last year dropped quite a bit more rain on us.

I was up at about 3:30a to let the dogs out and it was eerily calm outside. Not a sprinkle or a gust but about 15 minutes later it was pouring and the wind was howling. My pool is up about 3 inches so far and actually has a littl wave action going from the winds. I expect it to overflow this morning. There's only about an inch to go and I think the rain mixed with the wind will push some water out of it later today.

The temp has dropped dramatically for us as well. About 20 degrees. It feels cold out here! So far everything is holding up. Electricity, the new roof and the new fence. This may just turnout to be a movie day for all of us. Schools are closed, work is closed. Of course, we'll all be working double time to make up for the missed day!

For now I'm out on the porch watching the weather.

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