Friday, November 18, 2005

Cisco Buying Scientific-Atlanta

Via Cnet, Cisco is buying Scientific-Atlanta. Linsys' reliability has improved since being acquired by Cisco, maybe now my Scientific-Atlanta PVR from Brighthouse will be more reliable.

Interestingly, this increases the reach of computer firms into the cable and television space. Microsoft has the Media Center PC and has just announced cable card support for Media Center coming next year. Media Center PC's can usually also function as a PVR (if the machine has a TV tuner). Now, Cisco is buying into the space with Scientific-Atlanta just as Tivo is really hurting. Apple is making moves into the edges of TV with Video iTunes downloads as well.

Tivo is probably the big loser in all of this. It's valuation was too high for an acquisition and by the time it's affordable, it won't have much market left. Hmmm... that leads to another thought.

Past Standard Creators:
  • IBM Compatible PC - IBM is now out of the PC business. Dell owns the hardware space, MS owns software.
  • Hayes Compatible modem - 3 com, US Robotics and a host of others drove Hayes into bankruptcy years ago.

Tivo - Are they the next victim of success?

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