Monday, November 14, 2005

Travel Thoughts

I'm in Toronto (lovely city) and I have a headache (not the city's fault) so I'm left with some random thoughts on air travel. (Yes, this post is still "G" rated)
  • Best words in air travel: free upgrade to first class (actually it's "Private Jet" but I'm realistic).
  • 2nd best words: Would you like an ailse seat in an exit row? (On a plane full of worn out kids flying from Orlando to Canada, you bet!)
  • Things you don't want to hear: "Enterprise Rent a Car? They're offsite, you'll have to call them and they'll pick you up." (Dial, ring ring)
  • Followed by: We're closed. To get picked up at the airport, push 1 (1, beep) (This is a gross oversimplification. The message was much longer and less intelligible but that's the gist.)
  • Finished with: (Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring.) "The person you are calling did not answer..."
  • Thanks Avis for saving me the trouble. I've got a tight flight home and I didn't want to deal with offsite return. Hertz tried but didn't have any cars. Avis tried a little harder so they get more blog space.

I'm hungry so I'm outa here.

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