Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Windows One Care

The website was acting funny today. I'm using Windows One Care beta for Firewall and Anti-Virus. There was a breaking update yesterday and I though I had re-entered all my settings but I missed one. was being blocked, oops. It's all fixed now and there's a great bonus!

MS listened to me! I sent them some really negative feedback since Windows One Care wouldn't support a portable HD for backup. You were limited to CD or DVD. What do you know, the latest update supports portable HD's for backup! Yes, I realize that other people probably had the same complaint but It's my blog, so I'm taking the credit, it's all me ;)

I'm liking Windows Once Care alot. I expect to see the spyware beta rolled in as well at some point. It's definitely consumer friendly so the pros will hate it. But a lot of folks have eventually embraced the current windows firewall and anti-spyware, both of which are definitely consumer focused, so maybe there's hope.

This is a nice product (suite?) and it's long overdue.

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