Friday, January 27, 2006

Where in the World is Chris Pope?

When a friend from 20 years ago has moved halfway around the world and then finds you via your website, the world truly is flat. But more about that in another post.

A number of friends have asked lately, "Whatever happened to Chris Pope?". Well, now I know! He's happily married (no word from his wife on whether SHE is happily married) and living in New Zealand. For those of you who went to Lyman High School, New Zealand is that other down under country featured in the Lord of the Rings. It's sounds like he's having alot of fun so we're going to assume that he is down there of his own free will and that it has nothing to do with extradition treaties. We always tried to give each other the benefit of the doubt!.

Chris, it was great to hear from you. Stay in touch. For those of you who would like to know more, the website for Chris' business is, his wife Becky designs and markets baby accessories at and his email is

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