Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Apple Monoply

I saw this one coming. A judge in NoCal (that's northern California) has ok'd a monopoly suit against Apple under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The article is here.

I've long maintained that Steve Jobs wasn't much different from Bill Gates when it came to business practices. Bill just beat Steve to the punch. Now it appears that I'm right. Apple got another bite at market dominance with the iPod/iTunes combo. Their refusal to license the DRM to other manufacturer or music stores and their aggressive pursuit of people who tried to tie in to iTunes (Real), has now led to a monoply charge. Apple is the dominant player in the hard drive based MP3 market and has leveraged the tying of the iPod/iTunes to limit competition. Will Apple lose, who knows? The point is that all the folks who took a whack at MS for their monopoly practices would do the exact same thing given the chance.

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