Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random SuperBowl Thoughts

I have no stake in this Superbowl. I'm leaning against the Steelers because of their past rivalry with the Cowboys but that's about all. I really don't care.

By the way, USA Today had 10 rules to make ads magical and 5 super don'ts for ads.

So here are my random thoughts:

  • Diet Pepsi - Brown and Bubbly is a really dumb slogan. But the ad with Diet Coke as a stunt double made me laugh. Think about it what else is brown and bubbly? Tar Pits? Something left in the toilet after bad Mexican food? Certainly nothing good!
  • Budwieser's Secret Fridge Room was very funny. Why are beer ads so funny and other ads unable to duplicate this?
  • The "I'm going to Disney World" ads are cute
  • We all liked the H3 robot/monster and 3 bears commercials

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