Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Interview With the Eastech Bunny

After my groundbreaking interview with Santa late last year, I just finished an interview with the Easter Bunny. As Easter approaches, I think you’ll be interested to hear about the technology behind all those eggs.

Q. Thanks for talking to us Easter Bunny. Tell us what operating you use.

A. Here at Easter Bunny HQ we’re all about open. Open baskets, open eggs, open tombs and open source. We’re big Linux users. Besides, that little penguin is sooooo cute, just like our chickies and bunnies.

Q. Which Linux distro do you use?

A. In a nod to the Easter bonnets, we prefer Red Hat. Spring just screams out for a good hat!

Q. And do have a preferred GUI?

A. Absolutely. We love KDE, Kids Dye Eggs or is it Kids Dig Easter? I can never remember.

Q. What about hardware?

A. What a silly question! Everyone knows that the Sun and the Son both come out at Easter so we run on Sun Microsystems hardware.

Q. Have you been using technology long?

A. Absolutely, we’ve been hiding Easter Eggs in computer programs from the very beginning. We’re very sophisticated.

Q. You hide a lot of eggs and have to manage data on where all those eggs are hidden. How do you do that?

A. Well, we started out with two rabbits to manage the data a lot of years ago, and now we’ve got plenty of help. We’re adding Linux servers almost as fast as we add rabbits. We’ve got lots of servers running MySQL to manage the location data. Now we’re playing with mashups that include Google maps.

Q. How do you account for all of this stuff? Do you use an ERP system?

A. Absolutely. We keep everything straight with Oracle, Older Rabbits Are Careful Leaving Eggs. Someone actually recommended Peoplesoft. I mean really, can you see a Rabbit using “People” soft. Give me a break.

Q. How about browsers?

A. Oh browsers are easy, We use IE, Important Eggs. Someone foolishly suggested Firefox once, but, open source or not, chicks and bunnies want nothing to do with anything named fox!

Q. Thank you so much for your time Easter Bunny.

A. It was my warm and fuzzy pleasure. Maybe you’ll find an Easter Egg in your next software program.!

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