Monday, April 24, 2006

Rolling Back IE7 Beta 2

For the last several weeks I've been beta testing IE 7, beta 2. This should be pretty close to a final release. I have to say that after a couple weeks, I'm disappointed in IE 7. It looks great. I love the look and feel, the tabbed browsing works great. But I found it to be flaky. ALOT of sites had weird little redering quirks. The upper right menu in Blogger for example or the main graphic at Both of these sites render fine in Firefox. I found myself using Firefox to see if the issue was the site or IE7. It seemed to be IE7 in too many cases. MS did get the rollback right thought. Remove programs, reboot and your back to IE6. Yes, I'll go back to the IE7 final but if it's buggy, it's going to drive more people to Firefox.

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