Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Wrap Up

Micah was tired so we didn't stay for David Crowder. We caught Relient K at a distance and then we saw some Haste the Day on the way out. There were 2 main stages, and indoor stage, and 2 showcase stages. Alot of people were running between the 2 main stages to see different bands. We camped out at one stage to be close to the front. Fortunately, we had seen Kutless at the Luis Palau festival so we listened to them in the distance while waiting for Hawk Nelson to start. Tomorrow will be a full day. Ezekiel's Eye and Gasoline Heart are on in the morning, Family Force 5 is playing indoors (bring earplugs) at 7pm and Anberlin doesn't go on until 11:30pm! So, I'm going to bed. Here's some Relient K and Haste the Day photos to wrap things up with.

Relient K

Haste the Day

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