Monday, May 15, 2006

I Won a Samsung Q1 and a Slingbox!

A little while ago, I entered a contest at OrigamiProject and today they notified me that I was a winner! The contest required an essay about how you would use an UltraMobile PC. Well, half the battle is showing up, so I wrote an essay and what do you know, I'm in the top 5 and I won!

Here's the page showing the winners with links to their essays. I won a Samsung Q1 UMPC and Slingbox! Christmas is coming early! Hopefully it will get here before vacation.

If you don't know what Origami/UMPC is, Wikipedia gives a better definition than I can. But, in a nutshell, it's an ultra portable full PC stuffed in small case with a 7" tablet/touchscreen. It runs Windows XP tablet edition and will do anything a full pc can do and more. No keyboard is included, that's part of the ultra mobile piece, but you can add one on if you need one. You can read my essay to find out how I'm going to use it.

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