Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Q1 External Keyboard Lesson

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. I use a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard at work. Silly me, I tried to install the Intellitype drivers on the Q1 so I could use the extra buttons on the keyboard. Big mistake. Suddenly, all the Q1's buttons activate keyboard functions. The resolution changing button stopped working, the side bar menu button brought up the keyboard favorites, etc. It was ugly. Fortunately, uninstalling the driver returned everything to normal. Phew! I was worried that it wouldn't.

I think everything is finally installed. Keep in mind that since I'm using this for work as well I had digital certificates that had to migrate and be tested. I had ERP clients to install and add service packs for and all my files had to migrate. The 700m isn't going away just yet, but I'm getting close. Optimizing the startup and cleaning the post install crud is next.

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