Friday, June 30, 2006

Q1 Powerbank Initial Impression

I charged up both spare batteries last night and decided to use the Samsung Powerbank today. You really feel the fact that it's 3/4 of a pound lighter. I unplugged the Q1 and went into a 2 hour meeting at 10a today with lots of notes. After that, a 1 hour lunch meeting with very little note taking. For the lunch meeting, I used the internal battery only. Since then, it's been plugged in to the spare battery. The Powerbank has fully charged the internally battery and I've been running a bunch of apps with the Q1 connected to a keyboard and monitor. Of course, the Q1 screen is actually off since I'm using a monitor, but I'm running alot of apps as we try to get the month closed. So I'm at almost 5 hours on battery today. The Powerbank just dropped to a 20% charge(from the 40% ligh) and when it finally goes deat, I'll still have 2+ hours on internal battery.

All the literature says that charging the internal batteries takes more juice than just powering the device, so in my early test, I would say that 7 hours total battery time is easy. 8 hours is more likely and 9 is possible depending on the usage scenario and if your Q1 is topped off when you start. That's enough for me in most cases.

The Powerbank doesn't heat up at all. It never gets above room temperature so I'm only left with one suggestions for Samsung, make the cord from the Q1 to the battery retractable! I'll have a lot of out of the house time tomorrow with it. We're going to watch the space shuttle launch. It's a lot of waiting, a big wooosh, and long traffic jam to get home.

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