Monday, July 17, 2006

Is It Unethical To Sell To An Idiot?

As I slog through by unread blogs, I see that Business Pundit asks this question in his post: The "Gifted" VCR Repair Lady. Is It Unethical to Sell to An Idiot?. It's an interesting read. Surely we've all found ourselves in those situations where we think someone is doing something incredibly dumb. Where's the line and what about the outliers? At what point does giving the customer what they want become taking advantage of the customer?

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The Johnson Clan said...

Unfortunately, this applies to some people that I work with. Someone asks for information to help them accomplish a certain task and you know that by providing that information, the person will more than likely, bury themselves in a hole. Do you warn them? Do you let them know not to come calling when things go wrong(and you know they will)?