Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lumberjack Show

Lumberjack Show!

Southern Alaska’s famously rainy weather finally caught up with us in Sitka. The second half of our ATV trip was rainy enough to make us cold, not enough to make us miserable. Early Thursday we pulled into Ketchikan.

The rain continued in Ketchikan but the locals had fun with it. When you get 13 feet of rain a year, you have to have fun with it! Ketchikan has a fishing village feel to it. With about 14,000 residents, it qualifies as a big city in Alaska. We didn’t have much time in K and we were a little disappointed with our shore excursion choice.

We visited a native village and were generally disappointed with the whole presentation. Because the village was a couple miles out of town, you were stuck there for the length of the tour. But the lumberjack show, the second part of our excursion, was a blast. The lumberjacks were serious but they didn’t take themselves too seriously. Next time we’ll spend our time with the lumberjacks and save the rest of the time for exploring Ketchikan. If you’re up this way, don’t miss the men in plaid. They’re worth it!

We’re going to force ourselves to eat our way through an all chocolate dessert buffet tonight as we sail to Victoria, B.C. We’re whale watching in B.C. tomorrow. That’s whale as in Orca or Humpback, not as in folks who made it through the chocolate buffet tonight!

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