Sunday, September 24, 2006

Apple Now Suing Companies Using the Letter "i"

Apple is now expanding its threats to companies using the words pod and podcasts to companies using the letter "i".  After flexing it's legal muscle against podcasters, power pods and large groups of whales, Apple has taken the next step and filed for a trademark on the letter "i". Like its successful pod strategy, Apple is sending threats while the trademark is still bing reviewed. Companies squarely in Apple's sites are iBM, intel and iTT.  Currently Apple is targeting companies beginning with the letter "i". There is no word on whether or not Apple intends to pursue companies using the letter "i" in the middle of their name.


(Note to the naive:  By taking Apple's trademark threats around the word "pod" to an extreme, farcical conclusion, I hoped to illustrate the stupidity of their current strategy. No this piece is not true. If you thought that it was, you've been reading way too many California court cases.)

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Anonymous said...

I figured that you posted this after the whole iPhone/Cisco fiasco, but your date says 2006.

Funny that you posted this blog not too long before apple gets its ass tied up in litigation over stealing the iPhone name...