Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Places A UMPC Shouldn't Go

I've found lots of places that Binky my Q1 can go. I take notes in church, I takes notes in meetings, I play media in the car and on planes. I read news at lunch.

There are very few places a Q1 CAN'T go. But there are a few places it shouldn't go. I found one this week and that led to a few more. So,

A UMPC can go to church, but it shouldn't go to a funeral. 

Let's face it, there's nothing you're going to do at a funeral that requires technology.  A funeral is the ultimate expression of pulling the plug.

A UMPC can go to the beach, but it shouldn't go swimming.

You didn't lay out all that dough to get salt, sand and water in the unit, leave it in the room.

A UMPC can go into the bathroom, but really, should it?

Yes, if you proudly take it into the bathroom, you can ensure that fewer people will want to hold it, leaving you more time with your UMPC, but that's bad for the UMPC community. Definitely not what we mean by spreading the word about UMPCs!

A UMPC can go out on a date, but you get so few, why risk it!

Face facts. Geeks get dates by entering a semi-normal hibernation period, then pulling out all the gadgets after the wedding.  Geeks who miss this hibernation period can be seen at Star Trek conventions. (Go ahead, send me letters, why not.) Bill Gates was late getting into his semi-normal period, but getting that first billion under his belt took longer than expected.

Does anybody have any other places a UMPC shouldn't go? The bathtub?


thoughtfix said...

Mine goes on my balcony frequently. Thankfully not off the balcony. Guess where I am right now.

deepak said...

where there is no power..and believe it or not only 4% of our earth gets it today