Thursday, September 28, 2006

Q1 Accessories - I Found Them!

I've been looking for the Samsung site that will allow me to buy Q1 accessories not commonly available, like a second power adapter. I prefer to have 1 power adapter at home and one at the office but I haven't been able to find the accessories site. I've just been too lazy to call support and ask.

Today I was on the phone with Samsung support for another issue, that will be another post, but while I was on hold, I found the accessories!

Simply go to and enter NPQ1V000 as the part number. NP has been the prefix for the Q1 since the beginning. I hope it doesn't stand for New Part 'cause that would just be dumb. I can only assume V000 is the version or revision number. All the Q1 models should use the same accessories at this point.

Some of these items are very pricey and can be found at Best Buy, CDW or Fry's cheaper, but other items are only available from Samsung (the power adapter!, the car adapter, etc.). For those of you with a strange sense of humor, you can buy a replacement antenna. The US Q1's don't have an antenna but the Korean models do for Korean digital broadcast tv. For a mere $21.33 plus shipping you can make your Q1 look like a tricorder from Star Trek and add zero functionality!

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