Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Samsung Parts Experience

I needed a 2nd power adapter for the Q1. I've occasionally forgotten mine at home and that causes problems when I get to work and can't work! So I went online to and ordered the power adapter and the organizer to hold the Q1 and a Keyboard. James Kendrick convinced me that that was what I wanted. The organizer is about $15 cheaper at Samsung parts than at BestBuy.

So I ordered them on Monday, ground shipping, they can arrive whenever. Today I see that they were shipped US Postal Service. Ugh! Lo an behold, they arrived this afternoon (Wed.). One item from California and one from New Jersey. Very impressive!

Until I opened them. The power adpter is fine. It's a power adapter. The organizer wasn't. It was the slip case that comes with the Q1. I'm not paying $45 for a second slip case! So I check the website, yep, I ordered the right item. I check Best Buy, yep I had the right part number. They just goofed.

When I called to try to exchange the item, they were clueless. Just had no idea what I was trying to describe. So I quit. I'm returning the pouch and I've ordered the organizer from Best Buy.

I really like the Samsung guys, they're trying really hard with support and I've seen other comments that support has been friendly but not sharp. Well, parts is clueless. In fairness though, they don't read from a script, they can be understood and they want to help. That's three things not present in my last support call to Dell.

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