Friday, November 10, 2006


I had a great ink post on the Tablet Kiosk roadshow in Orlando, then Live Writer wouldn't post it and finally ate the draft. So here's v 2.0.

The Tablet Kiosk roadshow in Orlando was pretty cool. It's fun to get to finally hold these devices. The pointer buttons on the EO just crush the Q1. The EO's buttons are so much better and the dock was pretty cool too.  But I really love the VGA out on the Q1. For the EO's, it's only available on the doc.

Tablet Kiosk had lots of peripherals for the EO's, bump cases, regular cases, CD, Floppy (I hadn't seen one in so long I wasn't sure what it was!).

I forgot my camera but Perry Reed from the Tablet PC show was there. He should have photos for everyone. There are some nice things coming down the pike for the Sahara tablets but we're not allowed to talk about them. If you're in the mood for a Vista slate, keep your ears open during CES in January. 

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