Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shake and Bake Your Phone, Don't Try This At Home!

Our son Micah is really hard on phones. So far, he's:

  •  lost 1 at Disney. Disney found and returned the phone a month later.
  • Lost the same phone again, for two months. We found it in a pair of pants that had been through the washer, dryer and been hung up. Miraculously, the phone sort of worked and overtime, dried out and now works fine.
  • Left another phone in his pants that went through the wash. This one was my old Audiovox SMT5600 Windows Smartphone. It fell out when moving laundry to the drier. I let it air dry for a day then removed the battery, SD card, and the SIM card and baked the phone in the oven at 150 degrees F for about an hour. After that, it worked.  There's no magic in the 150 degrees, it's simply the lowest setting on our old oven.

Some of this may be because we have  a front loading washer that uses a lot less water so the phones might not have been completely immersed for too long.  If your fry your phone or burn down your house trying this, don't call me. Unless you want to buy my house.  It's for sale. I'm not making recommendations, I'm simply telling a story.

I'm considering velcroing the phone to the back of Micah's head. Heaven knows its hard enough to get him to take a shower. Maybe this will help.

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