Monday, February 12, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith, Good Luck Resting in Peace

In stark contrast to a typical scenario where paternity is doubt, Anna Nicole Smith seemingly has half the men in America claiming to be the father of her child. It's refreshing to see all these men wanting to take responsibility for their actions but of course one has to believe that Anna Nicole's still in doubt fortune has something to do with this.

The most bizarre claim I've seen is that Anna Nicole Smith froze her geriatric hubby's manhood and used it to get pregnant. That would of course help solidify her daughter's claim on at least some of the fortune. Next up will be aliens from the planet Heff claim they are father of her child and entitled to part of the money.

Bizarrely of course, this leaves everyone directly involved in the initial lawsuit dead and gone and a 4 month old with questionable genes to ultimately live with this mess. I thought it took a major corporation (see SBC, AT&T, BellSouth, Cingular) to make this big a mess but apparently Anna Nicole had a special talent when it came to succeeding while screwing things up. Good luck resting in peace Anna Nicole, be glad you're not here to see this.

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