Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Execupundit is a Must Read

I've added the Execupundit blog as a must read. If you've ever heard of business, you should be reading it. I've been slow to put this up because I wanted to see if all the good stuff was at the start or if it would continue. Happily, it continues!

Michael Wade's "Errors by Omission" and "Famous Last Words" posts are two of my favorites. Just to get you warmed up, from Famous Last Words:


There are certain lines that signal impending doom. Common ones are:

Let's run it by Finance.

The CEO's spouse has a special interest in this topic and just wants to see the plan.

We tried something sort a like that seven years ago but the analyst is no longer with us.

The sales people made a few promises to seal the deal.


Make sure you read the rest.

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I appreciate the recommendation!