Monday, April 23, 2007

Beach Breakfast

We had breakfast Saturday at the Beacon in New Smyrna Beach. I used to each there in high school and college when we would go surfing early in the morning. It was cleaner than I remember and is clearly THE breakfast place with a long line out the door right after we sat down. So get there early.

It's a hole in the wall, there's not enough parking, it's not right on the beach, they only take cash, they charge 50 cents for soft drink refills and while the food is very good, I have had better in other places.  So why are they successful? Why is there are line out the door at the Beacon and not at the Denny's down the street?

I'm not sure. It may be that there is limited competition in a place like New Smyrna. It may be that they've been good for so long that they get to take a few customers for granted. All I really know for sure is that the extra dollar that I paid for a side of gravy was absolutely worth it.

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The Johnson Clan said...

I am jealous. I can't remember the last time I ate at the Beacon. I also remember there was a sub shop we used to go to that had great subs and steak fries. Was breakfast still eggs and home fries?