Friday, June 01, 2007

Welcome to Orlando Billy. Hope You Brought Your Own Magic

Billy Donovan looks to be the next coach of the Orlando Magic. Thank God! I like Brian Hill as a person but his ...ahem... stellar record with the Grizzlies didn't really make me welcome him back with open arms. We need a coach with some kick. Donovan hasn't proven he can win in the NBA yet, but he's proven that he can win games, championships and the hearts of his players.

That's enough for me.

Part of our problem is that the magic has left the building but the team is not tragic yet. Magic teams win. Tragic teams lose and get draft picks. When it comes to magic, the Orlando Magic are stuck somewhere between Chris Angel and Uncle Fred who pulls quarters out of your ears.

Billy, I hope you bring a little magic of your own, we could use it. While you're at it, bring rain, we need that too.

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