Monday, July 16, 2007

The Smuggler's Jihad

When someone has been smuggling Bibles into countries for the past 50 years they often bring a different perspective than you and I. After all, if you get caught, you can't exactly go all Rambo on your captors can you.

Brother Andrew of Gods' Smuggler fame shifted his focus from the Iron Curtain to the Moslem Curtain after the fall of communism.  In a recent article he gives his perspective on the war on terror.

“Have you ever prayed for Osama bin Laden?” asked Brother Andrew in his book. “I ask because prayer is the primary way we wage this war...

“We cannot win the war on terror with guns and bombs because everyone we kill is replaced by dozens more who seek revenge,” said Brother Andrew in his new book. “The only answer is total, radical commitment to Jesus Christ.”

Funny, I don't hear Republicans or Democrats saying that. For that matter, I don't hear myself saying it enough. And no, praying for God to kill Osama doesn't count. Obviously, there is still work to be done in me.

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