Sunday, August 05, 2007


We did some volunteer work at a local shelter for battered and abused women on Friday. I say we, but I take no credit beyond being a gopher. Dara, the kids and a number of folks from Discovery Church came and we did a little coffeehouse style dessert and music.

By "shelter" I mean anonymous location, double gated grounds, signed non-disclosure agreements and priority police response. It's sad that a shelter like this has to exist but it's good that it does.

Everyone seemed to have fun and we hope that we put a little love in their lives.

We are extremely grateful to the folks at 7-11 who gladly gave us armloads of free forks when we realized that we had forgotten them. Your generosity was impressive and the cheesecake wouldn't have been the same without it.

To Lisa, the richest poor person we know, thanks for all you did. The cappuccino and lattes were worth schlepping the espresso machine around. Due to the NDA, this photo only contains Discovery folks, all of whom have more musical talent than me.


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