Monday, September 24, 2007

Big D Starting to Believe

It looks like some of the Dallas Cowboys hype might be real. They’ve got a first class quarterback, a solid running game, a star receiver and tight end who keeps screwing up the secondary’s focus on the start receiver. The offensive line is again huge, creates dumb penalties and repents by wearing down defenses.


Aikmen/Smith/Irving/Johnston have been replaced by Romo, Jones and Barber, Owens and Whitten. While the offense has a different look than the last championship teams, all the elements are there. The defense however, is still a work in progress. This is a bit of surprise since the D was so strong under the Tuna just a few years ago. But they looked better against Chicago. The defense doesn’t have to be tops in the league to win, it just can’t be at the bottom.


I don’t think it’s 1992 in Dallas again (the first of Jimmy’s Superbowl seasons) but it’s starting to feel a little like 1991. You can smell the talent and taste the confidence.


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