Friday, October 05, 2007

I'm Glad We Don't Name Kids This Way

Reuters is reporting that Cerberus Capital Management, the new owners of Chrysler, didn't know when they started the firm that mythological Cerberus is the three headed dog who guards hell to prevent escape. They just thought it was a cool name. I'm glad these are smart guys and I hope they didn't name their kids the same way. (... this is my son Lucifer and my daughter Medusa. Lucifer! Stop throwing brimstone at your sister. You know it upsets the snakes!)

Yikes! Perhaps if I name a hedge fund "Global Thermonuclear Flaming Fund of Death" I can get $16 Billion in investor money too! (muttering... Perhaps "You'll never see a dime" is better or the "Hell Freezes Over Fund"?)

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