Thursday, November 08, 2007

Wesley, Taxes and the KKK

I suppose when you're desperate to avoid a long stay in Tax Jail you'll say anything. From the Orlando Sentinel,  actor Wesley Snipes' attorney is now claiming that the United States is holding Snipes' tax evasion trial in Ocala because they believe that it provides the "best possibility of an all-white southern jury." Calling Ocala a "hotbed" of KKK activity.

So much for winning friends and influencing people. The trial is in Ocala because the firm that concocted this little scheme is near Ocala and so it would fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Attorney's offices based in Ocala.

The funny thing is that I can only imagine that the KKK is no fan of the IRS either. Attacking the good folks of Ocala is no way to get a jury on your side as well.  The more I read about this case the more it smells.  There's 5 years of unfiled tax returns, amended returns that now show zero gross income and Wesley's inability to be found for several weeks after the indictment. Did Wesley ever do a prison movie?

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