Wednesday, December 05, 2007

America's Secret Weapon in Iraq - Williamson

For those of us who grew up together, you'll remember Sergeant Williamson. I call him Sergeant because he could never seem to decide which first name he wanted to use. Even today he signs his email Michael/Chris/Will/Skippy. Well, Sergeant Williamson is about be a Master Sergeant in the Air Force (congrats!).

You'll remember from previous posts that despite his young age, he's done multiple tours of Vietnam as part of team looking for the remains of American soldiers. I'm sure the "I'm just back from a tour in Vietnam" pickup line no longer works so he should probably quit using it!

During his tenure there, Vietnam became much more open, certainly with greater trade and more immigration even if they haven't made the final leap to democracy. I blame Williamson. They were afraid the U.S. might keep sending him there if they didn't loosen up.

Since Sergeant Williamson has strong Vietnamese language skills combined with extensive jungle experience and a strong sense of southeast Asian culture, the Air Force thought it was important to send him to Iraq. Obviously this is part of the final push to force the Iraqi resistance to surrender. I can see it now, scores of resistance fighters offering to lay down their arms if the U.S. will just get him out of the country! The liberal media will claim that his mere presence is torture!

On a more serious note, we'll be praying for your safety and we'll try to catch up with you when you're in O-Town.

I have no advice other than keep your head down, body armor on and if you're captured, talk sci fi until your captors fall asleep, then escape. Try not to start any oil fires. I hear that's bad!

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