Monday, January 28, 2008

Things are a Little Off Kilter Today

It's been one of those weird days that are just a little off. Slightly irregular if you will. On my way to a 6a flight, the bus trip from the parking lot took 25 minutes with waiting and extra stops. This for a bus that runs every 10 minutes and is usually prompt. But I wasn't late for my flight.

Security seemed a little off at the airport. Bins weren't in place, a new person was on the CLEAR line. After our departure time came and went, the captain announced that he wasn't allowed to captain this flight and a new pilot was coming. We only left 10 minutes late and we landed on time.

Avis found my rental reservation, lost my reservation and then dropped me off nowhere near my car.

Atlanta traffic was back to it's normal miserable self.

I started making good progress at work and then my PC bluescreened with a memory error.

See, none of these will trash your day, like 3 hours on the tarmac or flipped semi on the interstate. But my world has a little wobble today. It should be an interesting afternoon.

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