Friday, October 17, 2008

Fly Clear in Atlanta

I had my chance to use the new Clear (Registered traveler) lane in Atlanta on Wednesday. It wasn't bad but it felt like they were still ironing out the kinks.  After processing my Clear card I had to wait for my boarding pass to be examined again and  there was some confusion between the Clear Rep and the TSA Agent as to whose job that was.

After that I was just dropped into the regular,post boarding pass check,line. There wasn't much of a line and that could be the reason but I just didn't feel the privileged traveler feelingI get using Clear in Orlando.

I'm sure they will smooth things out over the next few months.


crosenthal said...

We apologize for the experience you had in the Clear lane at the Atlanta Airport. Our current lane configuration is a temporary process, as the Airport undergoes a major reconfiguration of their security checkpoints. Although, this is not the flow that we wanted for our members, it enabled us to start providing services while continuing to work with the Airport on improving the integration of our members. In fact, we plan to test an improved process for our members beginning on October 20, working with Airport and Transportation Security Administration officials.

Our goal is to deliver the best service experience we can at each stage of the checkpoint reconfiguration until the expansion project is complete.

We appreciate your patience.

Cindy Rosenthal
VP of Media Relations

Mark said...

Thanks for the reply Cindy. I suspected it was just opening pains and it's nice to have the lanes in Atlanta. I love in my home airport of Orlando.


Craig said...

I have been traveling between D.C. and Atlanta every other week for the past year and a half.

The clear lanes in Dulles are GREAT. These lanes dedicated to Fly Clear and are very fast. Plus the people are extremely helpful.

My experience at Atlanta over the past several months has been completely different. I just flew out of ATL last night and as Mark has described in his post the process is only slightly better than the normal lanes. The clear lanes simply allow you to skip the normal lines for the ID check. Some days this will save you some time but not always. After your ID is checked you get into the same xray lines as all of the other travelers. In my many trips through ATL this is where I have spent most of my time waiting and clear has not made it any better.

I bought my Clear account because of my frequent IAD-ATL trips after Clear announced that ATL would be getting Clear lanes. Now that I have experienced the ATL implementation I would NOT suggest this service to others using ATL until they find a way to get true dedicated lanes.