Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why VP Might Really Matter This Time

Senators have a lousy record of becoming President since the end of  WWII. By my count I get two elected (Kennedy and Nixon) and 6 losing nominees.
  • Kerry
  • Gore 
  • Dole  
  • Mondale
  • Humphrey
  • Truman
Johnson and Truman were ex-senators who later became President due to presidential assassinations but they were never elected.

Football teams that are 2-6 fire the coach.

Governor is a better route delivering Carter, Reagan, Clinton and W. Ford was congressman but never elected and G.W. Bush was a former congressman, ambassador and CIA head. Dukakis is the only loser. 4-1 is a very respectable record.

Incidentally, both Senators elected since the end of WWII didn't get to finish. (Assassination and Resignation) I could certain come up with a scenario for either candidate where that could happen. Certainly there are nut job bigots willing to take a shot at Obama and McCain, no spring chicken, is looking for a more stressful job.

By that math, McCain gets a slight edge since his ticket at least includes a governor and the electorate seems to be showing a clear preference toward governors across party lines.

Tonight's debate is important. I profess my personal preference for governors as well. Even governors I don't like have a more wholistic view of the job.

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