Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wii Staged a Coup

Dara got Wii fit and the Wii balance board for Christmas and we made the mistake of temporarily hooking the Wii up to the main TV. Now we're hooked. We really need a second Wii but that's not in the budget. So Wii staged a coup and moved the Wii into the BatCave (our media closet) where it will live permanently. Once I ran the Wii sensor cord through the wall, it wasn't coming out so we'll need a second set of cables for making the Wii portable but that's a lot cheaper than a second Wii.

The kids no longer control the Wii, we do!

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Steve Chapman said...


What do you like about Wii? My wife and I caved in to our two boys and got them one for Christmas. I just don't get the appeal.