Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Android and Office 365

I signed up for the Office 365 beta and with just a little work got my email account working on my Droid with the default Office 365 domain setup.

Here’s how:

  • In the core email app, click Menu | Add Account
  • enter your email address and password from Office 365

Android wasn’t able to automatically setup the account like it could with my corporate mail. I suspect this is a beta issue.

  • In Domain\User name enter your full email account like
  • Enter your password
  • In the Server enter
    • This is slightly different than the settings you see if you add the account to Outlook. It uses but that doesn’t seem to work on my droid.
  • Check Use Secure connection (SSL)
  • Hit Next
  • You will need to accept the security prompt.

That’s is. Now I’ve got my corporate Exchange based mail and my Office 365 mail going to Android. I can view a combined inbox or see them separately and the notification icon shows number emails in the number of inboxes.


Withers said...

So what are your impressions of Office365? I'm not completely sold yet. I have a personal domain of 4 users all but 1 have an android phone. thats $24 a month vs free of google. I do get a free webhost which is nice.

Just curious.....

Mark said...

I'm looking at it for my wife. She's a huge Outlook user, especially mail and calendar. Her Gmail account works fine on Android but calendar is a completely different story. I've tried every kludgy app available with only limited success. I'd love to move her Outlook process to Office 365 and $6 a month is worth to me to not have to keep fixing stuff when it breaks. I'm waiting for final pricing before making the move. Too many current Exchange hosters want $5-$10 a month with a minimum of 5 users. That's not worth it to me.



Anonymous said...

I have had luck with as server namenohmin