Friday, August 05, 2005

Last Smartphone Stuff for While, ...I Promise!

Ok, I think this will be the last little bit of smarphone stuff for a while.

  • Kudos to Remy J for the static menu on the Smartphone home screen. My smartphone is EVEN MORE usable now.
  • I was using my phone in the car to listen to podcasts with a cassette adapter (why is taking car stereo manufactuers sooo long to simply put an imput jack in?) . What's great is that when a phone call comes in, the podcast stops and my bluetooth headset takes over so I can answer the call. When I hang up, the podcast starts again. Everything works like it should - nice!!!
  • There seems to be a memory leak somewhere. Every so often I have to reset my phone because I'm out of memory, despite the fact that I regularly use task manager or quickclose to close all applications.
  • Microsoft Theme Generator for Smartphones is great for adjusting theme colors. I frequently like a theme but hate the font color the designer chose. So now I fix it!

I've got some really heavy, geeky, Wide Orbit, SQL stuff coming up soon on both the Blog and with a permanent home on the website.

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