Sunday, August 07, 2005

100 Feeds and RSS Anoyances

I've decided that the sweetspot for RSS feeds for me is about a 100 feeds (give or take). Currently I'm at 101 including about 15 podcast feeds. I've been as high as 200 and I just can't get through that many feeds. (yeah, I know scoble does something like 1,300 but I need a life)

Also, there are some parts to RSS that seem broken. I frequently see the same feeds over and over. I suspect this is a result of reposting (intentional or unintentional) but it's frustrating when you are reading a really long post on a smartphone, that then duplicated and reposted 4x.

This has reopened the Full Feed vs. Partial Feed question for me. If I'm reading on a PC, I want full feeds, no question. But on the smartphone, there are more feeds I prefer to see in summary.

I'm starting to suspect that some news orgs (under my breath... cnet) repost their stories on a regular basis (like hourly). Yes, I know I can unsubscribe, but I haven't been pushed over that cliff just yet. I will be interesting to see if RSS and it's users will absorb frequent repostings and ads or whether there will be a backlash. I'm not confident of a pushback.

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