Thursday, August 11, 2005

More DotNetNuke Tidbits

Nik Kalyani has a blog entry where he describes how to change the menu bar in DNN to roll up and down like terminal server.

I love this functionality! Just a couple things to look out for:

1) change the color #ccffff to transparent to make the red bar go away
2) you have to do this for each skin and sometimes the skins get replaced with an update
3) it takes a little getting used to

I love because I'm always tinkering with my site. This way, I can login as admin, set the view to preview and start using the site. The menu bar is out of the way and the site looks just like it would for a normal user. Then, when I see something I want to change, I hove up to the top, turn off preview and make my changes. This works great if you just want to surf your site the way user would but still be able to make fixes and adjustments. Kudos Nik!

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