Saturday, September 03, 2005

Linspire 5.0

Ok, I've decided that Linspire's offer to give away their software for the next 3 days is a joke. The servers are hammered so hard you can't get near them and it seems to be getting worse. If MS did something like this, the screams would be loud and often.

Also, there is no info about this on their homepage. I found it through a blog which means that geeks are most likely to get it for free but geeks are not Linspire's target!

From a maketing standpoint, the unavailability of their servers tells me that they want the credit for free delivery, with out actually performing. I doubt you'll see any criticism of them on slashdot though. The Linux cult doesn't tolerate dissent.

For the record, if you want Linspire 5.0 for free, the torrent is located at If don't know what a torrent is, Google BitTorrent. The torrent took forever to start but seems to be downloading well now.

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