Friday, September 02, 2005

Misc Stuff before my laptop batter dies

  • The Smartphone piece of the website is pretty much done.
  • I've started a mobile tab for my smartphone, with a simpler skin. There is nothing on it at this point. I'm still testing.
  • I would like to download the temporarily free Linspire distribution but the servers are CRAMMED. I'm selfishly not linking to it.
  • I'm playing with Microsoft Sync Toy and liking it so far.
  • No entries tomorrow, I'm replacing our fence from Hurricane Charley damage. Yeah, that's right, a year later. Dara won't let me put it off any more!
  • I'm going to do a weekly update on the weight loss. (Unless I can't access the website again :). If you want more frequent updates, go to the family page and subscribe. So far, I'm down 6 lbs in 4 days (M-Th).

That it, I'm out of battery and out of here.

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