Saturday, October 01, 2005

Are Browser Favorites/Bookmarks Obsolete?

I have a couple hundred favorites in IE, all nicely categorized. very pretty. A few months ago I thought that I had lost them all in a freak IE/Firefox synchronization accident. It was horrible, blood, guts, fire water... where was I? Oh, I found an old backup I had stored on Yahoo! and got most of them back. But lately I've realized, there are about 15 websites I use frequently and I know their URL's like I know my children's names. There's about another 15-20 that I use periodically, mainly for bill paying, month end stuff for work, that kind of thing, and I actually used the favorite. Everything else I Google.

So why am I so uptight about losing favorites? It's those 15-20 occasional ones and the couple hundred others I think I need because they were interesting/useful at one time but I haven't used them in forever. I'm a URL packrat! "Hi, my name is Mark and I save useless URL's that I MIGHT (not) ever use one day." Ok, I've confessed the problem, I feel better. Now on to step 2.

So has Google, MSN Search, etc. made favorites obsolete? Can I really find that spinning email animated GIF that was so cool in 1998 without knowing a URL for it? Or am I still functioning in the past when companies had odd ball URL's that were harder to remember? is now just, and Google will tell me that! I think I'm going to clean out my favorites so I don't become an old fuddy duddie. Which step is it where I ask for forgiveness from my browser?

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