Saturday, May 20, 2006

Once More Into the Breach

I'm using the IE7 beta 2 release for browsing. Those of you paying attention, will remember that I gave up on a previous IE7 beta back in April after seeing all kinds of weird little issues. Well, I missed it, there's a new beta, so why not. Right now, I'm very happy with the new beta. If you visit Microsoft's you can add the Windows Live search engine as the default.

If you haven't played with Windows Live Search, the eternal scroll bar is very cool. Basically, there are no more limits to the number of responses on a page. No more hitting the little 2 or clicking Next. You just scroll.

I've also got the the Windows Media 11 beta running. The skin looks great but I haven't really played with it yet.

The Samsung Q1 hasn't shipped yet. They were hoping to get it out this week but I haven't heard anything. I'll follow up on Monday. Expect pics and thoughts once it arrives. I've read every review I can find, in particular by new owners, and I've been all the way through the manual on Samsung's site. I'm ready baby. I only hope it comes before Memorial Day so I have a new toy over the weekend!

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