Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Fought the Tech and the Tech is Winning!

The USB to VerizonWireless adapter from Elan arrived Friday. I went to do the install and continually got "Access is Denied" messages during install. I tried logging in as administrator, using safe mode, nothing worked. Support wasn't much help, these things are just too new. Finally, through searches, I narrowed down similar issues to permission on a registry key. Good luck finding which key for a new device! So I adjusted permissions on software keys until it worked. Sorry, I'm still not sure which one. But it works and it's cool.

Buuuuut, somewhere in the process, I lost my sound card and the tablet input panel icon took over the whole taskbar. A system restore was the only solution I could find for the tablet input panel and I still can't get the sound card drivers to install. The driver starts installing, runs the processor to a 100% and hangs. So I can now watch TV anywhere with the Slinbox and the high speed cellular card, but I can't hear the sound!

I haven't given up but I've been wrestling with this for almost 5 days on an off. Something's not right with that!

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